Marvin Melton is a man that knows and understands the life-changing power of the Word of God.  Born and raised in Staunton Virginia, Marvin's dream was to play football at the professional level. As he  spent years perfecting what was important to him, God and His word took a back seat to the focused ideas of playing professional ball. To Marvin, the Bible was just a bunch of stories that were boring and hard to understand. He understood Christianity to be a bunch of do's and don'ts. However, because of the grace and love of God, Marvin found out that he was wrong. While listening to a couple preachers one day in his college dorm room, Marvin found out that the Bible was more than stories. Marvin found out that the Word of God was life.

A career playing professional football never came to fruition for Marvin but he knows now that God had something else planned for his life. Something better! As he decided to trust God and base his life on God's Word, doors began to open for him. Marvin began to experience the joy, the peace, the love, the freedom and everything else that the Word of God has to offer. Now, he is dedicated to teaching and sharing the very God that changed his life around. Instead of dreaming about football, Marvin now dreams about the limitless ideas he can do for God and with God.

Pastor Marvin and his wife Melinda reside in Verona with their baby boy Miracle Thomas. 

Pastor Marvin Melton